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Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

— A-SDR fund product background —

ACChain intends to create a decentralized and trustful, safer and more stable, digital currency system to support free issuance, circulation and settlement of global assets as a supplement to, and support for, the world of fiat. That is the fundamental reason why the "ACCoin" and the "ACChain Special Drawing Rights" (namely: A-SDR) were created.

International Digital Asset Exchange Policy Committee

— A-SDR fund introduction —

A-SDR fund introduction

— A-SDR introduction —

A-SDR is the abbreviation for "ACChain Special Drawing Rights." It is designed to facilitate a Remittance and Settlement system for global digital currencies. The A-SDR digital currency basket consists of three mainstream layer coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Asset Standard Token (ACC). ACC will become the standard token of circulation and settlement for global digital currencies via the A-SDR digital currency basket. Through the global digital currency Eco-System constructed by ACChain -- combining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Asset Standard Token (ACC) -- we will achieve full spectrum coverage for all global digital currency transactions.

International Digital Asset Exchange Policy Committee


digital asset basket

— A-SDR Functions and applications —

— Digital asset circulation system —

Digital asset circulation system

— A-SDR fund participation methods —

A-SDR Tutorial
  1. 比特币

    1 BTC = 14000 ACC

    Channel closed
  2. 以太坊

    1 ETH = 420 ACC

    Channel closed
  3. USDT

    1 USDT = 1 ACC

    Channel closed
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