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Project and platform introduction

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ACChain is asset digitalizing tool, it presents complicated blockchain technology through simple operation interface, users can issue and circulate digital asset easily through ACChain.
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Issuance of digital asset

Asset sales

Digital asset circulation

Redemption Center

the application place for the holders of digital asset to make redemption from the issuer of digital asset, according to the transaction rules, the holders can make settlement by the digital asset that he/she have, and exchange for physical asset.


Digital asset can be exchanged and traded through third-party exchange platform, the price is calculated through standard settlement unit( for example, ACC, NPC, PEB), transaction center is the key link of digital asset circulation.

Settlement of Digital Asset

Digital asset circulation

Digital assets are featured by easy calculation, peer to peer transmission and high encryption. Settlement of digital assets through ACCHAIN provides traceability of assets flow. Each transaction can be searched. There is bright application prospects in the field of settlement.

ACChain community


Global open public community, here you can access to the global valued, personalized and professional information data in the blockchain industry and the newest real-time information of token transactions

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Application platform of developers


ACChain application platform of developers is an open source platform faces to the developers, which is also designed for the ACChain underlying technology development, landing application development and smart contract development. The development program can access working rewards when it is approved by the Decentralized Autonmou Organization (DAO), and it can get corresponding reward with the continuous use of the program by the ACChain users.