One-stop Issuing Tool of Asset Digitalization
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ACChain is asset digitalizing tool, it presents complicated blockchain technology through simple operation interface, users can issue and circulate digital asset easily through ACChain.

High-performance algorithm and encryption technology, ledger is updated synchronously, asset is safer.
Fast and Convenient
One-click service to issue and circulate digital asset, professional storage, easy operation
Compliance to laws and regulations can be achieved through smart contract and algorithm
Global Circulation
Exchanges are located world wide, digitalization is realized everywhere, tokens are circulated globally
Transparent Settlement
Registration and settlement mechanism of disital asset is complete, with standardized procedure, clear transaction, transparent settlement.
The originator of public welfare
Originated by CEO of Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co.,ltd,Jia Wan, and elites from different fields h-ome and abroad, ACChain community is an asset digitalization community, dedicated to building a more reliable value transmission system, which can be used to help solving fundamental problems in value exchange and transfer. Bearing in mind the principle of "give one fish",more importantly“tea-ching one to fish", we developed the asset digitization tool- ACChain based on blockchain and made it an open source public blockchain, allowing all participators to conduct digital assets exchange wit-hout going through the trouble of establishing trust,but through the mechanism of cryptology to id-entify information, and by relying on the consensus system to build trust a transparent and just eco-nomic society.