K Coin

National token of Cambodia
K Coin is the Cambodian national token which bases on ACChain underline blockchain technology and high quality agricultural products in Cambodia. In addition, K Coin is developed and issued by Cambodian institutions which suitable for notional condition and international developing trend of digital currency. K Coin completes the circulation thought exchanging with ACC. Through the exchange between ACC and Chinese standard token- NPC, K Coin can complete the asset transaction in Chinese market.
K Coin & ACC
  • Exchange with the international

    general ledger token- ACC

  • Establish the new industry rules; Regulate the new industry positive development

  • To be transaction standard token and complete asset circulation in Cambodia and Southeast Asia

  • Increase asset circulation and economic development

  • K Coin & Digital Agriculture Exchange
    The meaning of K Coin
    Cooperative institutions
    • International Unite Development Promotion Association of Cambodia and China
    • United States International Alliance for Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Combo Company of Cambodia
    • Foreign Economic and Trade Development Association of Hongkong
    • Russia Economic and Trade Development Association of Hongkong
    • Hongkong Longgang Hui Industry Co., Ltd
    • China Tea International Association
    • Chinese Guangxi Santai Exhibition Service Co. Ltd
    • China Liubao Tea Trading Center
    • Guangxi Liubao tea association Shenzhen Branch